NPD: Xbox 360 sales dominate the PS3 & Wii in June



NPD: Xbox 360 sales dominate the PS3 & Wii in June.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The latest NPD Group video game industry report indicates the Microsoft Xbox 360 received a strong sales boost year-over-year due to a new Xbox 360 model launch during E3 last month.

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The reason for the poor June game sales is pretty obvious, there has not been one really decent release that is a must have, looking at the months releases the only games to get fairly okay reviews is Tiger Woods, Transformers and Toy Story.

And none of those were must haves, and none that good to need to buy.

July is even worse, unless you are American and want NCAA there is nothing on the horizon bar Crackdown 2 which is getting pretty average reviews.


It is a generally quiet time of year for decent game releases. I rarely buy games between march and september due to lack of good titles. I hear red dead redemption is great, but it’s summer time and I have better things to do.

Another factor is that more and more games are becoming so big and involved now (red dead, GTA4, Fallout3, red faction etc…). Gamers end up spending more time on one game for a long time because there is so much gameplay in these games. It happened to me.