NPD: October game sales drop further

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The struggling economy once again led to a reduction in consumer spending, with October video game industry sales sliding 19 percent compared to October 2008, according to research compiled by the NPD Group.

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19 percent does seem like a fairly large hit but in big picture i ain’t worried to much simply because video games in general are more on the nickel and dime side (maybe not nickel and dime but not really expensive either) unlike Car’s (and other very expensive stuff) which i am sure sales are total crap vs not to long ago since that’s a HUGE investment where as video games are pretty much a affordable hobby.

i just figure in general… with bad economy is that the cheaper stuff is the less likely it is to take a big hit from a bad economy unlike expensive stuff which you can guarantee will take a hit since people are trying to save everything they can and are less likely to blow there money like they used to have done.

also… about the video game 19 percent stuff… i wonder WHAT GAMES are out a year ago vs now? (because if they where any big releases back then and now ain’t had to many) then i would not be surprised with that 19percent drop. because big name games are usually what jacks up sales for the most part.

It’s not surprising, most games are ridiculously overpriced at $40-$60. Who can afford that too often.

[QUOTE=ricoman;2465063]It’s not surprising, most games are ridiculously overpriced at $40-$60. Who can afford that too often.[/QUOTE]

i agree, especially about $60. as $40 sounds more reasonable, especially for your ‘average’ game. as most games to me ain’t worth anywhere near $60, let alone $40.

only THE BEST stuff (which MIGHT be 1-3 games a year at best on average) is possibly worth 60 dollars.

p.s. some might claim it’s because of piracy that games are priced so high but i will disagree with that simply because if right this moment if piracy stopped completely you can be dang sure that game company’s would not lower there prices 1 cent.