NPD Group: Music CD prices are falling at an increased rate

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And yet the RIAA execs still get that third porche as a bonus. So much waste in the industry. I don’t care about falling prices, the industry needs to crash so it can be rebuilt on better business models.

Since online music stores sell music in lossy MP3/WMA/AAC format, I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay 99¢ for a track. CDs are still better option for albums you like. If you only like 1/2 tracks of a CD, then you can buy them from iTunes music store or other similar online music shops.

btw, by 1/2 I mean 1 to 2, not half

buying music online is like throwing your money down the drain unless your super careful. All it takes is one virus or computer crash (hard drive failure) to destroy all your music and that’s all your money gone. Dont expect to be able to get hold of that music again without paying. Already know of one person this has happened to who lost thousands of songs they had legally paid for. Now they’re out of pocket big time - bet they wished they’d used p2p. When your not getting a physical item for your purchase the price needs to SERIOUSLY reflect it which it currently does not!