NPD: Consumer electronics sales to stagnate this holiday



NPD: Consumer electronics sales to stagnate this holiday.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Shoppers won't be uttering "bah, humbug!" this holiday season, but a new report from market research firm The NPD Group suggests they're also unlikely to spend extra on friends and loved ones.

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B&M had the price advantage & convenience advantage among high gas prices and stingy discounty by retailers so it backfired. There was a price war going on for HDTV’s but that’s all but over this year. prices took a slight dip, but the oversupplys from last year have become more tame compared to last year. There might be a price war between Apple, Google and Amazon with the rest scrambling to eek out a profit among price cuts and 1-upmanship in innovation. Other than that, the rest of the industry will see bleak demand for electronics. Desktops & laptops have seen price stagnation and stale offerings due to limited innovation and longer product cycles too. I still hold out hope there will be some new price cuts coming along for blue ray players recorders and media to spur demand. I’m not looking forward to BF as I probably don’t have money to spare at the end of the year due to lower earnings this year and I’m not a fan of going into debt to shop. I suspect many millions of people will be in the same boat by the end of the year. The anti-wall street movment will focus this holiday on an anti-shopping movement as well-- particularly in the glitzier stores such as Macys, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Wholesale Clubs, and stores that pay historically low wages whomever they might be.