NP-Q45 netbook cannot detect hard drive once it has been opened



Hello All,

I opened the HDD trap door and switched the hard drive with a newer model. Then I switched it back to the old hard drive. But neither of them is now recognized in BIOS. No master unit is detected (but the CD/DVD unit). I switched very cautiously the SATA connector back in place but it does not work.
Of course no OS can be restored or installed on this drive because it is simply not detected in BIOS.

Has anyone the clue for this? I guess there must be a trick that only Samsung service men know about.

Thanks a lot in advance,

A. Hugueney


[QUOTE=a_hugueney;2508392]Hello All,

I opened the HDD trap door (…) this drive t is simply not detected in BIOS.


A. Hugueney[/QUOTE]

The answers lays in the very thin (and consequently fragile) Sata HDD connector. The slightest handling manoeuver on it tends to tear it irremediably (other testimonials on the web…)

then one can order it again on e-spare-parts web site for a few dozens of pounds. It can be clipsed off and on again with a micro screwdriver on motherboard’s side (no lead solder…)


A. Hugueney