Now you can flash 24103s/32123s to 40125s



Now you can flash the 3s to 5s without problems.
Now it write p-cav and supported MT.Rainer.
“I am so happy”
You can download it from my page:


Did you verify that all other functions still work?

And could anyone verify if you can use this one on 24103S? I would have to update the OC thread then… :smiley:


:smiley: Yes the other functions still work. MT.Rainer work too.:bigsmile:


OK. My brother has a 32123S too, I’ll have him verify.


o.k do it:D

here you can see that the firmware is from the 40125S:


If it’s working, then :bow: to Maik! :slight_smile:
alex, please tell your brother to hurry! :wink:


:bigsmile: thanks airhead.
I think when it work with the 32s it work with the 24s ,too.


Now I’m off to find a DOS-bootdisk :bigsmile:


I guess I’ll be doing some flashing tonight!!! I’ll let everyone know as well once i get home from work!

Great find Maik!!!:bow: :bow: :bow:


when you will flash the firmware you must copy mtkflash and the firmware on a disk. you don’t need a MS-DOS Bootdisk


Hello Guys,

I tested Maik’s Xsu1.bin with my litey 32123S… Everything seems
to be working normally, but now my drive is detected as a 40125S
and can write at 40x too in Nero… Good work Maik…
Now how about 48x??? :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


Ok, here are the first benchies, and indeed it works. However, I’m a little conserned about the error and the slowdown I got during the read and spinup-test… I think the reason I got a slowdown was that I used a CD burned in TAO-mode (I created a Data-CD with CD-Speed in TAO mode (disc was CMC too :p)), but I don’t understand the error I get in the end.

BTW, I tested with a pressed disc and the curve looked normal then, and no slowdowns either. So it looks good for Maik (and everybody who own’s a 32123S or 24103S :)(my drive is originally a 24103S, overclocked to 32123S, and now 40125S :)))

Read test of the disc

The disc is being burnt

And a pic from Nero InfoTool

Big thanks to Maik! :slight_smile:


OK, I found the source of the slowdown.

So TAO is not to blame I guess…:slight_smile:
But I still don’t understand the POWER ON-error…


thanks for the infos airhead.


Here are my results of nero cdspeed:
I have only 32x medien (CD-R)

Here is the read test:

And here scandisk:

You see that are goods results.:smiley:


Confirmed! The firmware indeed works! I’ll immediately update the FAQ!


do it, alex :cool: :cool: :cool:


Yeah, do it alex! Your’e better at these things than me… And I’m lazy :wink:


hy, alex
The 32123S support MT.Rainer and P-Cav must update in the FAQ, too.
(Sorry my english is not so good)


I’ve done the most important thing: updated list of upgradeable writers. Since I’m on IDSN now (will be back on 100 MBit cable on sunday, i’ll update that then).

Have slightly editted the thread name…