Now; with ImgBurn unavailable

Hello again all.

Now; with ImgBurn unavailable, what is a real good burning tool (Freeware) to use with Shrink?

Many thanks, as always.

Imgburn is available. What are you talking about?

Not here…

Probably means the website is unobtainable.

It can be downloaded from here .

The ImgBurn site is temporarily down.

Here are some mirrors for downloading ImgBurn:

Mirror 1 - Provided by BetaNews (Currently hosting
Mirror 2 - Provided by SpeedLabs (Currently hosting
Mirror 3 - Provided by DVD Recordable (Currently hosting Unavailable
Mirror 4 - Provided by (Currently hosting
Mirror 5 - Provided by Softpedia (Currently hosting
Mirror 6 - Provided by ImgBurn (Currently hosting Unavailable

Thanks again “Moderators”.
…Got it.