Now what's it all about Benq 822 DL

i have a Benq 822 DL upgradeable, but have not already upgrade it.
I tried to download some updates at:
The link doesnt seem to work. So i discovered on this forum following link:
Also there seems to be an unofficial Benq-update site.
Also there are so many threads here bout the upgrades,…don’t know actually what to do. Also Benq support sucks, i get no answer.
So if there is anybody who can tell me clearly what to do, download, upgrade,…how to get the best out my writer…i could appreciate it very much.

I’d say if you have no plans to do dual layer right as this moment then on the 2nd link do the B3JC. You might want to do that one anyway. Then if you want to do dual layer you’ll need to do B3JCY. It should be a firmware flash and a switch tool. The switch tool allows you to go from dual layer and +r to +r/-r. The firmware B3JCY cannot do all 3 formats in the same firmware +r,-r, and dual layer. BenQ says they’re working on a future firmware that will have all 3 formats in one firmware.

tanx Hef

Can someone please be honest to tell us the truth behind why we’re getting 2mb from B3JCY?
After reading many user complaints about DL firmware reducing DWA822A to 2mb, it’s very apparent that BenQ developed DL after dropping 8mb to 2mb for all its newer recorders.
Could that not be the obvious reason why all of BenQ’s DL fws read 2mb?
Is there any possibility that BenQ would ever develop a separate fw to read 8mb for discontinued - DW822A? Users already know the single layer section reads 8mb but the DL does NOT!
Someone please tell us the truth!

i sure hope they develop the firmware they promised as this switch tool was not what was promised. they have done very nice things with 1600@1620 and I hope they make good with the 822 drive too. only benq can realy give you the answers to your questions


You are a really funny guy so I decided to give you an answer…