Now what? Lite-On? Asus?

Now that Plextor is gone what the heck am I supposed to buy that I can trust? I have never had a bad burn with my 716SA and every drive I have purchased since it has been RMA’ed at least 3 times… (and my new 755SA died and I am having troubles getting a RMA from plextor…)

So what do I buy now?

I like the Lite-On 20A1H’s but they have dificulties reading some retail DVD’s (my plextor always reads what it cant)

What about the new Asus drives? Local retailer started carying them instead of Lite-On…

I have had bad experiences with Pioneer… yet people around here recommend them… shoudl I try them again?

I guess you need two - one LiteOn for scanning and one Pioneer or LG for high burn quality. :wink:

Even better: try to find more 716. If you search for it hard enough you might find some :bigsmile:

I will try ebaying… what would be better… 716,755, or 760SA?

Or are there any really good stand alone readers that would be supurb for reading/ripping and I will ebay and external plextor drive… see a few of them on there.

760SA is almost impossible.
755SA, you can buy new retail for $120+S/H in USA.
716SA, 716UF, ebay is the place.

I am watching a couple 716’s and 755’s on ebay… I think I will get one of each… RMA my 755SA and then I will have 2 x 716SA’s and 2 x 755SA’s… that should hold me over… lol