Now using Nero 100% of the time!

First, thanks for the Linux support! Although k3b is a great application, it still has it’s bugs, and one of them I found when I went to burn a DVD iso image. k3b starting thrashing my disks, eventually locking up my system! I downloaded nero, paid the license fee, and was able to burn the DVD iso image without incident!

Now that the latest version supports burning DVD video directories, I have been using it 100% of the time. I was using Gear Pro for Linux, but started having many issues with Gear as well. Nero is the only app on my system that can do everything I want. Great work!

The $19.95 was well worth the license cost, and I will continue to support this application. The interface could use some polishing, and a nice option would be to integrate a DVD/CD tray card liner printing section. This is one area that is sorely lacking in Linux. I use a web based application to print the tray liners now - cdlabelgen, but it would be nice to include this in nero, so it is a full CD/DVD burning app, complete with tray liner printing.

Hats off to the developers for making a simple, robust, easy to use application for Linux.

  • Bruce