Now this is very Good!

Hi, I can’t understand what F…K is hapend with my computer, I try to CDrw, and Golf sim…

the process:

Create the Image with SD2 2.51 parameters, Betabloker 2.51
Burn the image with the Plex24 16x. and… Voila…

The F…k…n’ Cd’ is a Sht. again is’n possible read to the DVD and the Plex24. WHAT’S the Matter???

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
please Help…Is the Burner??? or what?

Have you tried using CloneCD’s or Plextools’ Hide CDR Media option?

If you have not notice, Plextors ( cannot make copies of the latest SD2 version. Only LiteOn ( can.

Ok, buy what’s with the people with a Plex24x and some copies of games with this protection???
somebody with the version others with the

they posted in many forums about the perfect copy of the SD2 2.51.


Well I heard that the Plexwriter 24x can copy up to Safedisc version 2.51.020 from this really long post at . Safedisc version 2.51.021 is the one that Plextors can’t copy. People that claim that they have working copies probably copied a disc with 2.51.020 not 2.51.021 . Unfortunately, they may be lying. I remember a couple of months ago that there was this rumour that the Plexwriter 24x with a certain TLA# ( I think it was greater than TLA#0000) could not copy certain protections. This rumour was proven untrue.

Which version of SafeDisc does your game use exactly? Install the game and use SafeDisc Analyser to check the version. You should be able to make a working back-up with AWS if the version is 2.51.021. Maybe you can do 2.51.020 without AWS but you’ll have to try.

yes, the version is SD2 2.51.021:

High heat 2003, final cut, sim golf, desert sige, etc.

Reading and writing with the standard Game Profile doesn’t work? Play with Hide CDR Media enabled when playing from a writer. The Plextor 16x can’t do EFM as you already know so you’ll have to take your chances with AWS. Read and write at 4x on a CD-RW disc (to test). Does it work? Do not use BetaBlocker. AWS is better in my opinion.

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[B]Have you tried using CloneCD’s or Plextools’ Hide CDR Media option?

If you have not notice, Plextors ( cannot make copies of the latest SD2 version. Only LiteOn ( can. [/B]

That is not true i have burn desert siege, sim golf with my plextor 24/10/40a without problem…both uses SD2 2.51.021

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LOL You are the fortunate owner of a particular Plex 24x that will cut 2.51.021. There are reports of this, but, in the main, Plexy owners are out of luck for the moment.

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Hey Clint, here is that reply from the last email I sent Plextor. Remember, the one that I said, "Obviously, you don’t have the technical KNOW HOW to address this ISSUE! THIS ISSUE NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED BY THE “DRIVE DEVELOPER!” It took a couple of weeks though

We don’t plan to ‘address this issue’. We don’t do anything to make our drives read copy protected discs, and we don’t do anything to prevent them reading copy protected discs.

It just gets into a race between the drive mfgrs and the copy protection companies… they buy our drives and work out how to prevent discs from being copied on them. If we then develop some kind of ‘workaround’ to bypass their protection, then they just change their software again.

Usually a ‘workaround’ just ends up making more errors on discs, so we don’t do that at all. We just make sure we write quality discs.

If you don’t like copy protection, then the only way to get it resolved is to not buy copy protected software discs. If their income dries up, then those companies will either remove the copy protection, or go broke. This happend with floppy based games many years ago.

Plextor Support Team - Jack