Now this is pork barrel spending

Despite the ridicule from Sen. John McCain and other Republicans, Iowa and the federal government have been studying how to control hog odors for years. The latest grant continues efforts under way at the Agricultural Research Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture labs in Ames, Iowa.

Both parties are bad at pork barrel spending but this to me just shows how bad it is they have been studying it for years. I could tell them how to prevent this stop having large feed lots close to people. Go back to a farmer having a few pigs on each farm or move the feedlots to areas without other people. They can study study study study as long as they like but it will still smell like pig Sh$t.

We should export the Pork industry to another country, just like everything else. Then we will surely be on course of being a service oriented society. A country of servants. I say, cut the word down and call us “serfs”, it sounds better.

Separating the raising and slaugher of pork would raise the price of pork incredibly. Maybe what is needed is good “Hogwash”. There is a lot of Hogwash going on in well, everywhere, even here, right now, a little of this Hogwash might clean up the smell.
Or, they could just lay all the money down in the pen, like newspaper, and throw it away once it has absorbed everything.
I guess if I lived next to a pig farm I would be pretty upset, I guess the wind can carry the smell pretty far. It may actually be a problem for some people. We could give them nose plugs.

The ironic thing is the pig farms were probably there before the people moved next door and now those people complain about the pig smell. I know of no zoning laws that allow pig farms to be built in residential neighborhoods. I think some of the stuff (i.e. pork) is worthwhile but there is a lot of waste outside of the earmarks. Even eliminating all the earmarks is just a drop in the budget bucket. Entitlement programs is what will eat us alive in the future.

Yeah but I’m entitled to those entitlements,oh wait, that’s right, I paid into the system for 35 years and because I tried to work, on the books, legitimately, I lost all chances of getting Social Security forever, because I tried to work, so I personally hope everybody else gets screwed just like me, because in fact, we are not entitled.

Everyone is officially disenfranchised, they just don’t know it. The government of the last 15 years has destroyed the country, the whole government, both parties. It is now time to go after people who have money. They have had it long enough and are not good stewards or patrons of our great society. They are the pigs and my friends, they are the stench. Massive wealth re-distribution, if you don’t invest it you loose it, it gets taxed away. You must invest it here. I don’t want to be a service oriented society, in service to who? Pencils pushers should be the least paid people in society especially in these days of computers. Any idiot can do what these accountants and CEO’s who destroyed the country can do and it is obvious that they could not do it.

I bet when you look at how much of an actual tax dollar gets into the hands of the end recipient we would all be appalled. The overhead is where the real problem exists and by overhead I mean the government apparatus that manages the entitlement programs. That and the leeches that feed off the system that aren’t the end users of the government services.

UTR you are right on that part Reagan I think talked about doing away with the department of education but never did. I for one think there would be a lot more money for schools and better education if we did do away with the department of education and put schools and there money back in the hands of the local people. The no child left behind has done nothing but cost money and stop teachers from having the time to teach what they need to teach. I am sure other things could be done away with also. I am for a strong state rights and weak federal government.

Depends where you live. This country is not homogeneous, not even close. The wealthy will create their own separate utopia’s while driving and surviving by the protection and infrastructure provided by the middle class (What middle class?). The wealthy live off of the infrastructure of the country but feel because they pay more taxes, which is because they make more money, they have more rights. If you make more money you pay more taxes, though some wealthy believe in paying no taxes. The lower, the middle, upper middle classes are the foundation of their country. Small business are trashed while we give corporations that make billions tax breaks. No more Mom and Pop Gas Stations, repair centers, machine shops.
Have you tried getting something repaired lately? My brother-in-laws Honda shop service center is carrying the dealership and you know what, he’s whacking them, they pay top dollar for the special Honda care and $600 or 700 dollar tune-ups. He has a lot of trouble finding mechanics so the people happily pay up because of the shoddy work they have gotten from other dealerships. Everybody will be paying up soon, for every service they require, and they will be paying top dollar.

[QUOTE=samlar;2232918]I am for a strong state rights and weak federal government.[/QUOTE]

Amen, brother. I believe the same regarding education, abortion, gay marriage and everything in between. The Federal Government has become a bully in many ways in order to gain, and keep, control over state/local governments and by extension, the masses.