Now This Is a Great Employer! Not!

Northwest Airlines recently cut back their employees salaries. Now they issued a handbook to help them save money, including 101 “tips” along with financial advice.

Here’s a link to the entire handbook Northwest Airlines Money Saving Handbook.

Here are the 101 “tips”. Some of them are inhumane, especially #46. Are these people idiots or what?

lol… never grocery shop hungry… what if you have no food :eek:

My god 100W lightbulbs!? Talk about energy-squandering. But yes, I suppose that wasnt the point. I dont get how you save money on recycling. Well, here I get it, because if you dont, you get a nice big hefty fine from the garbage-spies. But over there it doesnt seem mandatory. Are we talking bottles?

And if you havent wrapped your hot water heater with insulation already you should slap yourself or complain to the handyman that didnt. Iron your own shirts is yet another point I see as a natural thing to do. Making your own coffee too.

This list is so strange. How does watering your garden at night improve your budget?
#46 and #33 doesnt feel very helpful no, although I have no idea what #33 is. #19 is a bit of a stretch too. I dont understand #20.

Water won’t evaporate as quickly, making it need less water.

#33 is program where you can volunteer time in exchange for reduced cost “government” food. #20=Take your lunch to work instead of eating out. I think #19 means instead of calling long distance, therefore incurring extra charges.

I won’t live somewhere that hot! :bigsmile: