Now the Music Industry wants guitarists to stop sharing

I just posted the article Now the Music Industry wants guitarists to stop sharing.

Liggy used our news submit to tell us about a subject that has been in discussion in the P2P Forum for quite some time now. First, the RIAA was blocking free use of music, even lossy…

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Well , I hope RIAA and MPAA will do much worse. The more bad treatment they will provide, the more they will get the society aware of their actions and in the end even the artists. Thus when they go down they will go down in flames ::slight_smile: So let’s wait till the zip bursts!!! :slight_smile:
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this is being greedy and anal retentive to the Nth degree! If someone could make the argument that teaching music was akin to “free speech” (1st amendment), as in a way music is passed down via oral tradition (in literature, oral tradition deals with passing down entire histories by mouth, memorizing entire passages or even chapters, albeit on generally a smaller scale than what the Waldensians did in the 12th century with the Bible). This stupidity of getting “royalty first” or some amount of $$$ is nothing more than plain greed. Passing music down and teaching it is part of culture, and this could be compared directly to file sharing: that file sharing actually INCREASES music sales, because when people like the music they hear, they buy it! I forget the actual figures of the sales increase b/c of file sharing, but it was significant, something like 33-40% increase, IIRC. This bunk sounds quite Orwellian to me. :frowning:

This crap with TAB is nothing new. I know it started with OLGA at least TEN YEARS ago! has had almost ALL of their music removed, yet the site still lists the songs (only to tell you “sorry, this is a copyrighted song”) I understand they want us to buy the book, but I don’t always want to learn the whole album, just a song or two. ascii TAB is usually wrong, it’s just a good starting point for figuring the song out. It’s pretty frickin’ lame, but really, they’ve been threatening for so long, I wonder when they’ll REALLY get around to go after us.

So is it illegal to play a song on cd/radio/tv/mp3 etc and learn the chords by playing along as well?

I would think reverse engineering would come into play here. Who says you can’t write down what you hear from the music? Some people can play by ear. Are you going to go after them? I think not. This, to me, hasn’t a leg to stand on.

remind me of an old joke that whilstling may soon be illegal. Wait, maybe it won’t be a joke soon.

lol, cover bands and cover songs are now illegal too

Well… Basically there is only ONE thing we CAN do. And that is that is for everyone with a pair of working ears to unite and charge musicians and there company’s for every NOTE and WORD they may play or sing… in this case they really OWN the right to charge you for copying there song, riff, lyric or anything else. Cause if we don’t, than where will this end??? Are we, in the near future, being charged for talking because we might use words that or from some album??? Musical companies should be glad that music is copied… if we stop copying, then we stop learning and teaching… if we stop teaching, than there will be less and less inspiration… less inspiration means no more bands coming out off the garage because they lack the skills… so… music business will eventually die… Is this really worth all this??? for a few lousy bucks…??? I love Metallica… just till they started this shit with napster… i think those guys forgot that tape-trading in the 80’s is what made them famous… and rich… I really think that we should unite, and start a company just like the RIAA. lets make some money of the artist first… charge them for every note…just reverse the whole thing… “oke mister Metallica, you want to play these note’s… well… let’s document it. you want the earn money with this riff and melody, you claim to have intellectual ownership on this… PAY!!! you gotta invest to make some cash” how about that for a change? let’s just charge them a percentage of what they think te song or album will earn them. a standard fee… and if you go over some amount, than we’ll charge you more… just like taxes. wanna bet that all this bullshit comes to an end real quick… anyone with me?

Just heard if you turn on the radio in your car and you give someone a lift you will be charged with sharing music…:B