Now that Benq has been bought by Liteon What is the best one?

Ok I am sorry for posting something that might have been posted before and I beg your forgiveness. But I currently have BEnq 1640 and I think it’s dieing since some water from my water cooling unit has leaked onto it :slight_smile: Yeah I know stupid. So now I was wondering what is the best burner in terms of Quality on poor and good media and the ability to copy today’s copy protected media??
I know that 1640 was the shiat in the day but I wonder can I purchase now that might meet and suprass the 1640 days?

Thank you soooo very much. :bow: :bow: :bow:

benq dw1650 and liteon shm-165p6s are good replacements for a 1640. if you need lightscribe you can get either dw1655 or shm-165h6s.

None of them will surpass your DW1640!!! But they might meet your 1640 with a more mature FW.
Did you try opening your drive and clean it up with a good dry air blower?