Now Images are not displayed?



Again, with firefox, many of the images are not displayed. They just show up as “attached image”. They are there with IE. Conspiracy? :wink:


Sometimes it happen also with IE. I have the same problem. It appear in random way. I think that server migration caused some problems still not identified (and then still not solved) :frowning:


Exactly the same thing happened to me last weekend when posting scans with IE. The only way I could get them to post was removing them under manage attachments and re-attaching the images, then it worked. Not sure what’s up.


Is there a way to delete an attachment and upload it again in the same post??


Usually I solved the problem refreshing the post (pressing F5 on IE) [U]after a couple of minutes[/U]. And until now I was able to see all my attachments; I had problems only with attachments of other users.


Had it happen once yesterday. Couldn´t edit and re-attach. Wrote a new post and tried to attach - message said “you have already posted this image”. Resized and retitled the image and it worked. The original post still has no image.


Yes. Under manage attachements once you have attached an image you should see a remove option beside the attached image shown below. Of course you have to do this within the edit time.:wink:


You can do it only with your posts. When you edit a post, pressing the “manage attachment” button, you can remove attachments pressing the “Remove” button. There should be a “remove” button for each attachment.

Edit: :doh: [B]crossg[/B] preceeded me :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew about the editing ability. Given that this problem show up later than 30 minutes, I was hoping for some other way other than deleting and adding a new post.


We are very sorry for the incovenience. The changes in servers have still not happened due all kind of problems we have. We are working very hard to get it all solved but there are many bug reports of wich will be a lot of work to investigate and to fix while we are going to re-install all servers that we have put low priority on it. The deadline for a renewed server park to come online is about the 8th of April, so till then some problems could persist.

After this date we are actively going to fix the bugs again, as after the server upgrade has as a goal that everything should work smoothly again.


Thanks. We are not complaining, just bringing it to your attention.
Hopefully the slowness and failed connections will get better as well.

Didn’t realize how much I count on this site.


I hope that all problems will be solved in a couple of days. The forum right now is very slooooooooow…