Now I'm unable to do any kind of burning to any CDs

Hi there, I’m Doctor Vell and I need some help with my CD Burner that I have on my computer.

Here is the system specifications:

AMD XP2100 Processor
512mb PC2100 RAM
80gb hard drive (40gb free)
Windows XP Professional (with all updates)
Pioneer DVD Rom Drive
Cyberdrive CD038D 16x/12x/40x

Anyway, what the problem is that, I used to be able to make VCD’s for my presentations, now I’m unable to do any kind of burning to any CDs. I was using Nero and now when I try it says the drive is being used by another application. I de-installed it and tried Roxio and the same result occurs (version of Roxio was 6). I also can not even use Windows XP Pro’s own copying files to the drive without it giving me an error, it won’t let me continue after I use the Wizard.

You should disable the Windows XP built-in burn engine and use dedicated software like Nero instead. It’s also not a good idea to use both Roxio and Nero together, especially when using older versions of these burn softwares. You can read here how you can disable the XP burn engine. Does this solve your problem?