Now im confused. Better burns on crappy media?

I recently upgraded my firmware on my SONY DW-D18A drive to “VY06” (Makes it a DRU-700) so i could get bitsetting and hopefully better burns. The results were suprising. Check out these scans and tell me how it is that CMC MAG’s gave me the best results in backing up some of my dvds??

Burned at 4x (its an 8x rated disc)

Burned at 4X and rated up to 8x. These discs worked well too, but were expensive!

This one was burned at 8x. JUNK

Ritec g04 burned at 2x… 4x was no better.

Before the firmware upgrade, the best discs that i used were newegg branded ritec g04’s and sony brand ricoh jpn01 so i bought a spindle of 50 ridata g04’s which turned out to be crappy. Bad scans and almost all were unplayable in certain spots of the movie. Anyone have an explanation as to how such a said to be crappy media works this good? This whole perfect media search is driving me nuts!

ouch, it’s all about the write strategies. I beleive that you might get better burns in general by using the lite-on equivelant firmwares on your drive (dont take my word for it, hopefully some1 can verify)

But also make sure u do the transfer speed tests as well as quality scans. I’ve seen discs that produce great PI/F scands but can hardly be read back in some drives :frowning:

I suggest talking to the guys on the liteon forum about this crossflash. VY06 works great on 832S but dunno about your drive.

Also, some liteons apparently have a “learning” ability. You can make them forget what they learned about writing with the previous firmware by resetting their eeprom. They will then re-learn with the updated firmware.

I get great results with the CMC MAGE01 by the way.