Now i need your help



i'm searching for a prog called:
second chance

its kinda like cleensweep or remove- it[this is still one off the best ]

where is it to download?

hope ya can help me.



Never heard of it and can't find it either!
Are you sure that that is the correct name? Did find a progy called 'Second Copy'; for backup ed.! (saw it at
Good luck with your search!


it exist really!
i have seen it also in a magazine once, can not remember when or who.....but it got some good critics..


I know that it exist, I readed it in the PCM (Don't know date) Isn't it a QuarterDeck prog?

It's now getting a ll late but 2moro I check my PCM magazinez


I read the review in a good PC mag about a year ago, and they slated it, saying it slows yyour machine down to nothing.......writing a log for absolutely every move / change you make........Win Millennium has this feature built in...but it creates a huge undeletable folder called "_Restore" on your c: drive.....making the use of Ghost impossible.



I misspelled the name it is SECOND CHANGE.

And i'm also a frequent PCM reader, thats where i read it 2.
But i can;t remembers if it was from quarterdeck [same develper of remove-it and cleensweep]

Mj --> you've said some interesting point but thats why i want to use the program to figur it out, if it indeed slows your pc down.

so far thnx every 1 for ya help.....keep on doing this.


Found it!

PCM Februari 2000 Bladzijde 121



Yeah i know that by now......but i dont have the program......yet......