Now FullHD 1920x1080p SHARP LCD LED TV buying!

Before the year went to 2010, I had contacted my wife her sister who was searching for a new FullHD 1920x1080p, IN ITALY (SARDEGNA) near NUORO.
Now it shure will be a LCD LED TV from SHARP 40" with Direct LED Backlight System LED, also called DIRECT LED, (no EDGE LED!) this model has a sharper image than EDGE LED and comsumes less power.
100Hz Scanning
DVB-T / Analog
NTSC,PAL60 Hz(via AV-Input)
analog tuner/digital tuner 99/999
Teletext 2000
USB Photo Viewer/ 21 pin SCART 2x
S-Video/Video (Cinch) /Y/PB(CB)/ PR(CR) via VGA Adapter
Common Interface Slot/PC-Input Analoog /4x HDMI / RS-232C
Headphones (3,5-mm-Mini socket)
In ITALY(SARDEGNA) the model 600 is still available while the 705 is the newest model in this range…
I hope that I have not forget any important details, otherwise I hope you experts! will pointed this out to me, I’ve read in the technical MAGAZINE
MEDIA TOTAL, a test, and that direct LED(behind the) illumination will give the sharpest image, and not Edge LED ! And it will comsume less. The price in SARDEGNA(Island) for the 705 will be €1098.- about the same as in the Netherlands. I told her abouit HDMI, that she could buy a not expensive DVD-
player with HDMI-connection, that the UPSCALING will be cost effective, and not yet the BLU-RAY(ofcourse beautiful) but this BD discs are too expensive yet in Italy… Especially at the Island, Thanks in Advance!

Hey Hardware Harry.

I tried finding a review for the [B]LC40LE705E[/B] but could not find one. It must because the T.V. is still relatively new.

I did find a review on the [B]LC40LE700E[/B].

Basically the only complains about this T.V. were as follows.

  • Lingering motion blur is a weakness, so if your an avid sports fan or like to watch a lot fast moving material then you might to look at something else.

(Fast action scenes could appear better, but easy on the eye for most content)

  • Sound from the small speakers is a little weak, and may sound tinny.

Everything else about the T.V. was well liked.

The lingering motion blur may have been corrected with the newer model, so this something to keep in mind. The weak sound from the T.V. was resolved by using either a audio video receiver or a sound bar.

There shouldn’t be any issues with buying a cheap DvD player that upscales the DvD’s. If your not ready for Blu-ray, don’t jump into it until your ready.

Everyone has a budget and can’t be expected to buy the best of everything. Set a goal and work with it. I would definitely try and have a look at the T.V. in action. It’s what looks good to you and if it makes you happy then go for it.


Thanks platinumsword, I knew this difference in those two models already,
so I keep in mind, thank you for reminding. :cool:
The marketing in Japan will be different from now on, Sharp wil deliver the mid sized LCD or LCD LED, PANASONIC will be to deliver the bigger PLASMA’s, and SEIKO EPSON the smaller sizes. PIONEER stopped the production of it’s PLASMA’s, There is coming next year(or 2012) that there may not be selling PLASMA’s anymore in EUROPE, because they consume too much power!
So later we can find Sony’s with the screen made by SHARP, and so on…