Now DVD upscaling for Sony Bravia TVs

I just posted the article Now DVD upscaling for Sony Bravia TVs.

Yesterday Sony announced the introduction of three new features to their Bravia HDTV line. The so-called ‘three adaption modules’ will allow wireless transmission to multiple TVs, 1080p DVD upscaling…

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$200 for Upsacling
+$150 for extra HDMI inputs

Why bother? The extra $350 is better invested in a higher quality reciever that can do these 2 things out of the box. I realize that at the moment cheap Recievers don’t have 5+1 HDMI inputs but with each new generation they are becoming more. Plus upscaling is starting to become less of an extra but the standard for all devices with an hdmi interface.

Plus: Anyone that needs so many hdmi inputs (at this time) is a major home theater buff and already has an expensive Reviever anyways.