Now also DivX support on the GameCube

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SunDog used our newssubmit to tell us that DivXnetworks has released a Software Development Kit for the GameCube. The kit wil make it possible to play DivX movies on the GameCube. It was already…

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Well I love to promote open and free standards when it comes to codecs, DiVX has so future on the GameCube. Coders for Nintendo use very little, if any pre-rendered movies so the 1.2gig limit of the discs isn’t a problem.

that’s great, but where do people get mini dvd-r’s?

Regular DVD disks can be cut to any size. In this case you need 1.5 gigs of space. The real problem is that Nintendo hired Panasonic to create a whole new CSS (Content Scrambling System) thus there is no guarantee that the gamecube can read DVD-R back-ups, or in this case movies on (cut)dvd-r. Interesting stuff though.