Novice with firmware questions about Sony DVD RW DW U18A



I have a sony DW U18A. I have been having some trouble with it and it was recommended i update firmware. There does not seem to be any from sony. But looking through this forum its seems other options are available, but I don’t quite understand them. These are the ones I’ve found:

UYS1 (from dhc014’s Firmware site): I think I read somewhere that this one is quite old (Feb 04) and maybe not the best to use.

Firmware for Lite-on SOHW-812S: apparently the same drive with different badge, so should work (my drive is the gear driven model, is this firmware still going to work)

Firmware for Lite-on SOHW-832S: Maybe I’m completely confused, but apparently this firmware makes my drive dual layer capable??? :confused:

As i said, I’m a novice at this and feel well out of my depth. Any advice as to what I should do would be hugely appreciated.

P.S.- I’ve never flashed a drive before, so any help with how to do that would also be great!


I basically have the same issues.
I used the omniflash to patch up to the 832s / cg5g drivers.
Omniflash reports 16 write changes and 4 speed changes.
But CloneDVD2 still reports my drive as a Sony dw-u18a.
I also ask, “I now suddenly dual layer capable?”