Novell wins award in piracy lawsuit

I just posted the article Novell wins award in piracy lawsuit….


Selling Novell Software on auction sites could be risky, a $600,000 fine is more then some people earn their whole life…

Novell Inc. has been awarded more than…

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This shit really sucks!!!
Well, Novell; kiss my white ass!!!

What are you crying about? It’s a must for Novell to sue him for all he’s got, not because of the illegal; software, but as an statement. They can’t do nothing about it, it would make them look stupid. But how stupid can you get by selling illegal copies through an auction-site? And even after being warned, goping on with more sales? Go figure…

U got something right there!

he must not have been clever!

but $600,000 is allot of money for 1 man, (well,not Gates) Novell can still kiss my ass!

I gotta agree with euphoria on that… I mean the dude knew that what he was doing was illegal, nd we know it to.

Don’t do the crime if you… don’t know you’ll get away with it…

Greed Kills… Period…

Very sad. But the man sux too, why didn’t he just stop after promising that he would??? He could just go and sell more with a fake account and a fake name! This guy is really dumn.
Hah, quickly back to my UT fraggin, got a new UT worldstats list to build up!

it is not right to sell these things for a huge profit, piracy is about SHARING