Novell and Microsoft collaboration

However, today’s news is a big step forward for the Linux market. Today, for the first time, Microsoft is collaborating directly with a Linux and Open Source software vendor. With this news, Microsoft is saying that Linux is an important part of the IT infrastructure. More importantly, Microsoft announced today that it will not assert its patents against individual, non-commercial developers. Novell has secured an irrevocable promise from Microsoft to allow individual and non-commercial contributors the freedom to continue open source development, free from any concern of Microsoft patent lawsuits. That’s right, Microsoft wants you to keep hacking.

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It’s odd, I don’t get it and have a feeling MS is going to double-cross someone sometime in this deal.

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Microsoft on Thursday declared a “patent peace” with Novell, the No. 2 Linux seller. But did the company in fact just declare a patent war with the open-source realm?

Story: Microsoft patent peace–or patent war?

:cool: :cool:

Who knows … maybe M$ recongises the fact that home based PC’s are looking for the cheapest option & can convince people to get back to windows :wink:

Besides, it increases the DirectX base & sets microsoft in a major seat of power to direct the path of 3D GPU’s :wink:

Isn’t the PS3 going to support a form of linux? I don’t want to accuse MS of anything, but it could make sense for them to give their 360 a similar capability.

It’s Suse Linux Enterprise Server they’re after: