Novel idea for testing DVD drives?

I was watching a movie using VLC when I got the idea to open a second instance and watch the same movie. It worked, so expanding on that notion I opened several more VLCs. With a pressed (commercial, DL) DVD I had 3 running in different chapters. With a SL backup I had 4. Not very scientific, but interesting none the less. It’s a real world test of transfer rate, access time and read speed…It also looks pretty cool.:iagree:

The best real world test in my opinion is to copy all the files on the HDD with a software like imgburn in read mode or drag&dropping files using Windows explorer or any file manager.

Opening many instances of VLC all reading the same movie from the same DVD disc is useful only to stress heavily the drive mechanics, not to check the disc readability.

Just my opinion :flower:

That’s what I said, you’re testing the [I]drives[/I] access time and throughput. Nero CD DVD Speed is what I use to test disks.

oops I misunderstood :o