Novatech burners suported by cloncd? think its a new burner anyone know?



can some one tell me if the following burner is supported by ccd?? its not in ccd hardware requirements but its a new burner, guesings its just a re-pakaged burner made buy someone else… buts its cheaps to say its 16x, be a shame if it doesnt work with ccd :frowning:

ok heres its info…

Manufacturers Code : NOV-CDRW12

Up to 16x Speed Writing

IDE Interface

B.U.R.N. Proof


Burn a full CD in a record-breaking 5 minutes with 16X writing, and rip a 3-minute CD music track in less than 6 seconds with 32X digital audio extraction. For everyone who wants the ultimate music and multimedia recording experience, this 16/10/40 is the way to go.

Product Information

  • Speeds - 16x Write, 10x Re-Write, 40x Read, 32x Audio Rip
  • Burst Read - 16.6 MB/sec
  • Data Buffer - 2MB with B.U.R.N. Proof
  • Disc in/Activity/Write front panel light
  • Dimensions - 146mm(W) x 41.3mm(H) x 202mm(D) excluding front panel
  • Weight - 1.2Kg

Other Information

  • B.U.R.N. Proof - Buffer Under Run Proof:
    With BURN-Proof write assurance technology, buffer underrun errors are eliminated. You’re free to burn CDs while you surf the web, download music, print a document. With this 16X drive, you’re assured of perfect CDs every time…no failed sessions…no CD coasters!


I think this is a question for Olli… I think these drives will be supported though, but the question is will they be DAO-RAW compatible? I can’t tell you this, sorry :frowning:


I was tempted by the novatech 16x too

look closely at the image in the info link for the drive and It looks very much like it’s a Ricoh! I think it’s just a ricoh drive but they are calling it a novatech for some bizarre reason

why not email tech support at novatech

hope thisi is some use:confused: