Noticeable difference between a Vizio and a name brand LCD (panasonic, etc)

It all depends on what you you’re willing to spend, if “picture quality” isnt that important a low-end Vizio or branded TV may be enough. As for the LCD vs Plasma wars, all major companies except Panasonic are shutting down/not expanding their Plasma plants…
You might want to look at a newer article regarding Sony and Samsung since it’s quite incorrect to say that they make the same panels, it’s only one “layer” of the panel that they are making at the same plants. As for TVs I would rather have a look at the Sharp X20-series in EU and translates to LC-42D64U for the US. Excellent TV and Amazon shoppers seems to agree =)

An idiomatic difference, " basically they produce the LCD panels at this factory together" does not mean to imply it is the same panel, rather that the production of panels is shared whether it be components or technique or the sharing of technology to achieve the production of LCD panels…“if you know what I mean, jellybean”.:iagree:

[QUOTE=Dee-27;2081179]I can’t comment on Visio as i haven’t seen them in the UK.
I think you are taking the right approach, [B]bhome83[/B] when deciding on a budget Hi Def system. The screen for now is going to be the most important purchase.
The Panasonic Plasma range are excellent performers. The TH-42PX8B should be within your price range and it is an excellent panel. Also worth considering is the now discontinued TH-PX70. The price on these has been cut here in the UK to £459 and is an excellent plasma panel and has won many awards.[/QUOTE]

The picture on the Pany plasma out of the box cant be beat and neither can the price. If you like sports go with the Pany Plasma over the Samy, you wont regret it.:disagree:

The August Consumer Reports has a new test of 39 new LCDs. A 47" Vizio was in the top 5 in the best choice list. Only $1300 retail.

I agree with Zathros plasma is on the way out and laser will be the next big thing although i think LCD will be around for a while yet.
I know tests can go either way and some sites disagree but there is a lot that dont…
btw no proof just my personal opinion