NOTICE: Info About The New ILO Firmware Updates

Please note that the new firmware updates for the ILO R04 and HD04 are system only updates. If you have not updated to the most recent fimeware before this release, you should first update with the previous release to gain the benefits of the included drive update. Here is the most recent updates:

DVDR04: WMEA1097.E20 or WMEA1097.E30 (4x or 8x drive)
DVDRHD04: WMJA1193.D21 (do not confuse with the newest update WMJA1193.DS3)

By updating first with the above firmware files, you will gain any fixes and added compatibility for the installed DVD drive. You do not need to use the hacked version for the first update since it will be overwritten by the newest version. Just apply the hacked version of the newest firmware.

New Firmware Files:
DVDR04: WMEA1098.ES4