Nothing works after installing XP



Hi all.
I have a host of problems since installing a brand new XP. :confused:

My daughter was having some terrible times with her computer so I wiped it clean - actually, I bought a new hard drive and installed a new XP system on to it.

Since then I have been unable to run CD’s or DVD’s…
I have downloaded the files and installed them, but they still don’t work

There is also no Audio/Sound
Again, I found the drivers for the mobo (K7S5A Pro, Rev 5.0)
but nothings working. :sad:

I have managed to get the printer working. :clap:

Any help or guidance will be gratefully recieved. :bow:



I found the list of drivers for this motherboard at the ECS site, but didn’t see a chipset driver listed. Which seems a bit odd.

Do the cd/dvd drives show up in My Computer or in Device Manager? Do they show up in the bios?

Do you have the manual for this motherboard? You can download it from ECS if not. It should show you how to get into the bios to check and see if the motherboard is recognizing the drives before you start up Windows.

Are you certain you have the Master/Slave settings done correctly on the optical drives? There is a jumper on the back that has to be set in the right position, depending on where you have it connected on the IDE cable. The very end position is the Master drive, the middle connector is the slave drive.


Busy looking for the matches to set fire to this bloody machine! :sad:
Couldn’t find em so I just popped in to see if I have any replies: :smiley:

Thank you so much for replying.

I shall run thru what you suggest and report back.

Thanks again