Nothing Will Load!

Whenever I try and download a trial program, or any program for that matter, I get a file is corrupted error. I try downloading multiple times and at different times of the day, but this does not help. I tried switching from windows 89 se to windows XP, that did not help. I also tried getting a new Hard Drive, but still the same problems. This also happens on archive files. Whats wrong?
My System,
Athlon 2200 XP+
Win 98SE OEM
256 ram
120 gig hdd

Thanks for your help!!

Sounds like something related to the way your PC accepts internet packets. What ISP do you have, what connection? Router? Modem? TCP/IP settings?

I am using Charter Pipline (cable) With a d-link network card. No TCP/IP settings, charter set it up for me