Nothing wants to burn!

…I tried 16x with a Ridata and an imation,
They both took 30 minutes, just to fail.
I tried an imation at 52x(I accidently forgot to make it 16x)but no matter what, it always stops at around 14%…
I’m just going to give up.
My computer sucks anyway, I need a new one

Doh! Might be time for a new IDE cable by the sounds of it.

Hi Arachne
just a quick question re your Imation discs, who is the manufacturer for the ones you get in the UK, & does it differ like Verbatim etc? The ones I have here in australia are by CMC (only a couple and I havent used them yet). I thought I read that most here think they are pretty poor quality :confused:

The ones I finished up recently (CD-Rs) were CMC, same as yours. :slight_smile:

As for DVD, I use DVD+R, and the last two batches of Imation I’ve had, have been CMC for the first batch, and Moser Baer India for the second.

As for quality, yeah they’re what I call mid-range media - not “up there” with TY and Verbatim, but better than most Ritek media IMO. I never had problems with them (apart from a single Moser Baer Imation which had a dye imperfection). The CMC have been especially good stability-wise for me. :slight_smile:

But…this is a huge forum, so obviously people’s opinions and experiences will differ. :wink:

Thanks for the info, Arachne. I have only ever used DVD-R before (no idea why to be honest), and have not really had a problem with any of the brands I have bought before now. I updated the burner’s firmware but the most recent is 2004. I might give the DVD+R a go as well as there is a lot of recommendation for them. Have only just started having problems after years of everything being OK, hence why I have only just joined up. Thank you again

If I need a new IDE cable, I guess that I’m just going to have to buy a new computer… After I get a new one(in a few weeks) I’ll post here again if there is any problems with the CD burner on it.

So instead of trying a 2.oo cable you’re going to get a new computer. What do you do when the ashtray is full on your car. Just kidding. Go for a new bigger computer. They are so nice.

My computer has so many OTHER problems also.
The Floppy drive IDE cable has a rip in it, the printer doesn’t work, the USB ports don’t work(Until I bought new ones)
I’m trying a CD-RW though, so if it doesn’t work, I can just re-write.

May be that is time to given up on your old machine build yourself a new one and get over with these aggravations.