Nothing seems to work dvd to mpg

I’ve tried 4 programs (at least) trying to convert a vob file into an avi/mpg file type, but none have worked.
Each time either the voice is out of synch or it errors in some way or another.

I’m wanting to store the files in mpg on my drive for future burns back to dvd if required. I’ve got a lot of hard drive space but at 5gig per that won’t cut it.
I’ve had great success burning mpg to dvd but going backwards … :confused:

Anyone have some suggestion as to how they do it?

A VOB file is already mpg, precisely mpeg2.

Rip it using Smartripper or DVDDecrypter.

Does that actually gain me anything file size wise? I’m trying to actually change the files to mpg because the files will be reduced in size quite a bit for storage if some software will do it without the errors.

I’ve renamed the vob to mpg (which of course works) and then tried to use software but still get errors or loss of sound after running them through some program.

What is the sense or idea behind this?

Renaming a file will NEVER change it’s size!

No kidding… lmao

I’m trying to save drive space and store the files as mpg file types. So far all the software I’ve tried that converts vob to mpg doesn’t work.

Can’t be lack of computer power, I have a 2.8 machine and a gig of memory with a 160gig hard drive.

If your files are already in compress format, the only way to compress them further would be to convert them to divx, or to use winrar to compress the files more. Or, you could try backing them up on dvd’s using ghost, acronis true image, or one of the other backup softwares…

You could use something like DVD2AVI to rip the video as AVI format , using Xvid as the compression codec. You’ll loose very little quality in the conversion but save loads of space. This conversion will split the video & audio but you just merge these back together with VirtualDub.

Haha, before asking a question you should know what you want.

Thanks man, I might give that a shot. At least I can view the video (even silent) and see that it didn’t look “funky” … which is what I’ve ran into with everything else I’ve tried.

Man, use Any DVD to break the CCS and Macrovision, Use DVD Decrypter
to save the .Vob in 1 File, (Mode /File, Settings - FileSplitting None), then
Video Re-Do (, then use this fantastic program
to rip the .vob into one file, remember to select start-end points/trim, GOP @ 15, then save as (file).mpg. You can then use TMPEG ENCODER 3.0 Express, to encode and crunch to desired file size and format.