Nothing on the burnt disk... anyone?

ok heres the problem, i have attempted to back up files onto a dvd disk, and when it has finished burning, i go to check the dvd disk but there is nothing on the disk… i look at the bottom of the disk and its visible that it has been burnt… i have done this with mp3s onto a dvd disk, but nothing budges… i am using nero startsmart. i have also used copytodvd to no avail… anybody help?
i have got a pioneer dvr-111d burner… i have burnt a dvd movie onto a dvd disk using VSO ConvertXtoDvd and that was fine…
all i want is to be able to back up files and folders just like on a cdr and be able to open and use those files on my pc whilst it is still on the dvd disk.


Scan the dvd using ner cd dvd speed and burn with verify next time so you will definately that the data were burnt is readable.

that doesnt seem to help… if i have the mp3 disk in, and choose the data disk option on nero it states “the track you selected was not created using nero’s multisession option. References to your local files cannot be automatically restored” i click ok and then it shows the folder inside the disk and i see all the songs, but they all have crosses over the little icons next to the names of the songs… does this make sense?

I don’t use startsmart at all but when doing MP3’s or photos ect… I just use the data on nero express and always comes out good.

Avoid Multisession mode!!

i did not use multisession mode… would maybe a driver upgrade work… or another burning software?

icymax69 can you tell me where the multisession mode is i cant find it anywhere
thank you

You either have used another app to start multisession or the disc/content is unreadable.