Nothing I do works

So I just got a Lg 16X Super Multi DVD/cd rewriter. GSA-4163B fyi. So I buy the thing because the guy at future shop said it’s good. I don’t know computers so I took his word for it. I got it home, this “installs in minutes” writer took an hour. Now I’m ready to copy all my dvds onto my hard drive and make copys of them but I can’t seem to get anything working for me. I used nero to copy Nightmare before christmas onto my hard drive as a .nrg and then it says its too big to put on my dvds. I have the 4.7 DVD-R by Memorex. I’m just using the programs that came with the writer. It has Nero, Powerproducer 2 Gold, powerdvd and nero smartstart. All these things are new to me, I have no idea what to do. I want to get all my short movies off my computer and on to dvd so I can watch them in my dvd player but I can’t find any help files on what I need to do, or it never does what it says it will. Would someone please tell me how to get on what I want, or point me to someone, or something that can. Even a program that I can use for it. It would be really appreciated. Thank you.

If you have Nero, use Nero Recode to make it smaller than 4.7GB (4.36 actually) so it will fit onto the disc. You may have to “mount” the nrg image to a virtual drive and then shrink it down. Use the search feature to find info on these, if needed.

Ok what. Whats nero recode? where do I get that? ‘mount’? What? virtual drive is a what now. Search feature on the site?

the problem as pointed out is that you are trying to fit a movie on a dual layer DVD ( dvd 9) onto a single layer DVD ( DVD5) which cannot be done without compression.

if you dont want to have to do alot of steps or try the learning curve on these other programs then I would suggest trying out the combo of ANYDVD ( runs in the background and strips the copy protection from the movie on the fly) and CloneDVD2 ( transcodes and compresses a DVD 9 movie to fit a DVD5 disk and then burns it.)

it is the fastest and easiest way to copy DVD movies.

Ok so how do I get these things and how do I use them

They sell both AnyDVD and CloneDVD. They are very easy to use and both have a 21 day trial.