Nothing but problems, please help



I suppose I should start from the begining. I have been using clonedvd2 to make my backups using very cheap blank dvd+r media. The backups were completed succesfully but when I to play them on my stand alone dvd player it would either not play at all showing a ‘no disc’ message or it would play but with slight pauses and skips happening constantly.

I thought the problem could be down to the blank dvds i was using so I decided to get some Verbatim dvd-r discs. I had no luck here because I could not complete the back up process with clonedvd2 and had some sort of I/O or CRC errors. This would happen at exactly the same point on each disc 73%. At this point I also changed to using dvdshrink and dvddecrypter. I should mention that one of the discs that only made it to 73% I could actually play on my stand alone and it played perfectly (but not the whole movie)

As I had more luck with the cheap dvd+r’s I thought that I should try some Verbatim dvd+r’s. I had no problem with burning to these discs except I still have the same jumping and pausing occuring through out the movie. So I have come to the conlusion that my dvd burner likes ot burn to dvd+r’s. My player doesn’t like to play dvd+r’s but dvd-r’s but my burner does not want to burn to dvd-r’s.

However my burner should want to burn to these disc as it says it should on the damn thing it is an Artec VOM 12E48x and has on it dvd+/-rw drive. I know a possible firmware update could be the solution but I don’t know how to do that and the instructrions on the Artec site say you need to do it by making a boot disc but i don’t have a floppy drive on my laptop. So I need to figure out how to burn to dvd-r’s.

Thanks for reading my long diatribe of problems. any help/advice would be much appreciated.