Noted Sea Level Expert Accuses IPCC of Falsifying Data

I wonder who is saying the truth… probably nobody :frowning:

Story here :confused:

Everyone in the world should go to the sea once a year and drink one glass of seawater and that would fix the problem.

Global warming is being hyped to generate money for individuals, scientists and governments. When the head of the UN says we are all going to face “oblivion” if we don’t stop global warming I have to be extremely skeptical. It reminds me of Chicken Little screaming “The sky is falling”. Environmentalists have been making doomsday predictions for over 100 years and not one of them has come to pass. This is just the latest one they are using to try and scare us into following them blindly right over a cliff.

Al Gore just gave a speech and charged a personal fee of $6,000 PER MINUTE!! Now if mankind is heading toward its doom then why on Earth would he need to be raking in the cash hand over fist? He wants us all scared so he can keep charging megabucks for giving worthless speeches that he burned thousands of gallons of fossil fuels to get there and back. If he is so concerned about the environment then why does he use $20,000/month worth of electricity IN JUST ONE of his several homes? He is getting filthy rich off of global warming and I doubt he really believes anything that spews from his own mouth. If he did then his lifestyle would be a lot different.

The environment is certainly deadly polluted (this is a fact) and reducing pollution it is surely a positive thing :slight_smile:

What worries me is the huge amount of misinformation people is exposed every day. It is a matter of fact also that the worst lies are the half truths* :wink:

  • I hope to have translated correctly this saying :o

Not surprising at all that allegedly data was falsified.

The fact is that the Earth has gone through (naturally) cycles of getting hotter and cooler on its own, without the aid of greenhouse gases in the past. Without a valid explanation to account for that (and I have yet to hear why), you can’t say the present is different. If your premise is flawed, everything after that will be too. It’s really not unlike the fallacy of slippery slope.

I’d believe the expert with nearly a quarter century of experience to back up his statements, rather than 22 authors that are cherry-picked and NOT experts in the field.

Wow, who would have thought that a bunch of scientists that are human, & subject to all the flaws which are human, like greed, would lie & falsify data to protect their own jobs?

At any rate, a reduction of pollution is a good thing, and a complete rethink on the ridiculousness of an economy based solely on growth, and hence an increase of overall monetary value**, can only be a good thing. It’s really limiting human technological progress.
** It’s like suggesting that if you cut a pizza into 8 pieces, instead of 6 pieces you will have more pizza.[/I]

geno888 - Thanks for the heads-up on the article!

I wish I could apply a “correction factor” to some of my data.