Notebook upgrade (dvd burner)



I’ve just joined this forum, I wish to upgrade my combo notebook’s with a dvd burner. The notebook isn’t so old (about 3 yrs old), it’s an Asus A2520 but it took a QSI cdrw/dvd SBW-242. Is there anyone who can advise me a good dvd burner for my notebook? I don’t know very much about dvd burners, so please help me! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, Dario


I have a pretty good Sony laptop…came with a Pioneer dvd drive…was ok, but about the time the warranty ran out the drive became unreliable.
Switched to the NEC (see specs in signature)…it´s ok but I get better quality from my external burner (LiteOn)
So…that´s something to think about…an [B]external burner[/B] if you want good quality results. I think they are likely to be more reliable for longer.

Welcome to cdfreaks…hang around or comeback…you´ll get some good tips here!


thanks a lot for you warm welcome!!!
I’d think a lot about an ext burner, I know this is the best way for best (or better) results, but I really hate wires and there’s no such space on my (little) table!!! :rolleyes: Last but not least, I’m not such an “hard burner”, meaning I do not dnld GigaBytes and GigaBytes from the net, I only will use the dvd burner sporadically to backup some data or divx/dvd…
In your opinion will be this a good choice? And what about the price?
Thanks for your patience!
Bye, Dar