Notebook Slot Loading Slave set quality DVD writer recommendation

Hi all,

I’m looking for a recommendation for a DVD writer dual layer, slot loading drive for my MSI S260 notebook. I previously had a Pioneer DVR-K06 Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer which was FANTASTIC however I cannot find one of these in the UK at all.

So I’m either looking for a.) somewhere to buy one b.) a solid recommendation for a replacment.

the drive must be set to “slave” on the ide channel as the harddisk on my laptop is set to master.

thanks for your experience.

You can try Plextor Px-608al.
I’ve a 3d on this drive in Plextor forum and, reading comments in the forum, i believe that the plextor drive is a rebranded Pioneer DVR-K06, the fantastic drive you had before.:wink: