Notebook PC for under US$400



(The news is in Korean.)

A Chinese maker called Shinlan released a VIA-based notebook for just 2,999 Yuan. It has 14-inch LCD, 30GB HDD, CD-ROM drive, 128MB memory, SATA, 100Mbps LAN, 56Kbps modem, etc.

Original news source: Chunggwanchun Online (no link available)

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Couldn’t you just buy a used laptop with… a 14" screen, 30gb hard drive, and CD-ROM? LOL.


Probably with a lot better performance and not to mention TFT screen.


And a big name brand behind it. I think you can get a nice used Sony or Dell for that price. :wink:


Not everyone prefers used Sony notebooks to new Chinese notebooks. But where can you find a used Sony or Dell in China for under US$400 that is at least that feature-rich as that one?


Ask me nicely, I’ll ship you one in a big box labeled “rice”.

I really DO understand what this company is doing, it’s just a day late and a dollar short. :wink:


I’m not a Chinese and not in China. Average South Korean consumers pay more than US$1,000 on notebooks so they really don’t shout for one that costs under US$400 though nobody knows for sure what will happen if such products are available at the same price domestically. Your suggestion’s good but ship one million units instead of one.

You said you understand what the company is doing but have you even visited the Chinese site I mentiond above?

What’s important in this is that notebook components have become so cheap due to some factors. Dell and HP have outsourced to China/Taiwan for some years like most Japanese notebook makers. That Chinese maker is just one of those that try on their own brand names. In some years, they are going to overwhelm mainstream and high-end computer and consumer electronics market worldwide.

Lastly, you probably don’t know how much it costs to ship a notebook whether in a small box or a big box and what custom here is like for notebooks. It’s not worth for a used notebook that costs under US$400. Maybe a US$1,900 Sony or Fujitsu that costs US$3,800 domestically. Small importers import used notebooks only when price differences are that big. I’m using a US$900 HP-Compaq notebook imported that way right now, much better than a new US$1,500 notebook locally available.


btw, teh laptop mentioned above uses VIA’s C3 CPU which means that any laptop using a 400~500Mhz CPU (Intel/AMD) or better will be faster which shouldn’t be that hard to find < 400$.


And I assume this strippo is being sold without any OS…just as well, would be fun watching XP try and run on that underpowered cpu with 128 meg…


This would be good for high school kids who should not spend that much on a notebook.

FYI SONY still makes it’s noteboos and PC’s in San Diego CA.