Notebook optical drive upgrade help: different pin connection

I took the old laptop of my sister a Presario 2811 EA and after upgrading RAM and HDD I realized that not all notebook dvd bays are the same. I purchased a NEC AD-7543 . Sadly I wasn’t aware that that my notebook bay is not for slim drives. But this is the tip of the iceberg. My main concern is that the totally different pin connection between my original and the new one (even different position) . I linked a photo I took with the new slim dvdr beeing on top of my old dvd drive. Anyone know what is this and where can I get a new drive for my laptop?

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Open up your old drive and you’ll see what’s inside… :wink:
Make it carefully not to break anything, assembly in reverse order.
(Can’t recall if it is on top or bottom, but on my sons, 6y old Armada, it was screws all around.)

…I realized that not all notebook dvd bays are the same…
Don’t worry, in 95% they are all the same.

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I guess I have to wait because currently I have not those tiny Allen screwdrivers to open it up. My biggest issue though which is visible without opening up the drive, is that the input connection on those new slim dvdr’s is more to the right than mine. Is that the standard nowdays ? :doh:

As soon as I open the cover I will upload a photo !

Be happy if it’s only allen screws. :slight_smile:

On Armada it is a mix of philips cross and torx screws. If you examine your new drives outer shape you’ll easily see which screws to disassembly on your old’s casing.

Yes, nowdays the 50-pin EIDE connector is standardized. A few years back almost every laptop brand had its own way of optical drive ATAPI interface connection (although all drives already then had mentioned “50-pin”).

Older Compaq Laptops use a different type of connector for the Optical Drive bay.

If you try buying one of the newer Slim Laptop Drives from PC World for example, you’ll find that they won’t fit in those older laptops. I have a Compaq Evo N610c Laptop and I can only replace the CD-ROM drive that’s in there at the moment with another drive that has the exact same connector.

The Part Number is vital if you want to make sure that what you’re buying is 100% genuine and will fit in your Compaq Laptop. The only place that I can seem to find these drives these days is on Ebay.

Sounds like a Compaq sales representative. :bigsmile:

Buy any standard 12.7mm high drive and it will fit in any CompaQ. We have two older CompaQ’s in house (Armada and Evo) and both are upgraded with NEC 8x DVDRW’s.
Don’t know N610c series in detail, but I would be much surprized they differ that much. :disagree:

@charos, my drive connector looks much like yours (whe you flip your around), don’t you think so . :smiley:

Just adding two pics of Armada NEC ND-6650 dvdrw assembly.

Interesting pics ! Does the Nec come with this connection ?I am wondering if the fitting is perfect on that laptop. Below is the image of the new drive If I put it in the bay of my laptop. I highlighted with red the gap between the drive and the casing. That’s the difference between slim and normal ?

Already mentioned in my first post, you’ll have to use “casing” and rails from your old drive.
Casing also holds a EIDE/ATAPI adaptor making the connector (you see at bottom pic) positioned on opposite side to what it is on NEC.

Once you begin your work all will be given. :smiley:
Note, my NEC bezzel is also about 5mm shorter then original but casing sits steady/ firm in laptop.

So you’re basically saying that if I wanted to upgrade the CD-ROM drive in my Compaq Evo N610c Laptop, I would need to take off the casing and the connector on the old drive, and attach it to the new drive?

How would I go about doing that? Would I need some special screwdrivers or some special tools?

I’d appreciate it if you could post some instructions on how to do this (if it’s possible). :wink:

pinto2 is totally right and I got what he is saying only when I managed to unscrew the casing . When you unscrew it you will get something like an adapter which you have to attach to the new drive ! I attached 2 pics to see the 2 sides of the adapter with it’s framing ! Just take out the screws and everything will make sense !

:bow: to pinto2


What did you use to prise open up that adapter, charos? Allan key? Or some other type of screwdriver?

Now that I’ve seen somebody else do it, I’m very eager to do this myself on my Evo Laptop. :iagree:

I’m gonna be looking at buying a generic laptop DVD Rewriter drive [I]very[/I] soon. :bigsmile:

i guess it depends on the casing every time. Finally mine didn’t need the allen bolts to take out the casing. Just some very small cross scews and it was out. Believe me when you start disassembling you will get it how is done !
I can’t believe that the almost dying dvd player , was replaced with a Nec DVD Recorder Labalflash (!!!) and works like a charm !!

I’ve just had a look at my Evo Laptop again. I took out the CD-ROM drive thats in there at the moment, and had a good look at the casing.

To my surprise, it’s got some small cross screws holding the casing together. :eek: Haven’t had the chance to take it off yet though.

The cross screwdrivers I’ve got at the moment are far too big. Gonna need to get some smallish cross screwdrivers first before I can prise open that case. Ill post back the results here once I’ve managed to get ahold of the correct screwdriver. :doh: