Notebook memory question

I don’t think it matters, but i just want to double check with you guys first. I got an ABS notebook computer with a single stick of Kingston 512mb RAM.

I’m thinking about adding another 512mb stick…does the brand matter? Could i put in, say a 512mb of Corsair memory, and not have any problems?

I guess my question is, will i have any problems if i put in two different kinds RAM?


Also, i’m either going to get the Corsair RAM, or this Kingston from here:

It says its OEM, when it comes to memory, what is the difference between OEM and Retail, the packaging?



In theory it shouldn’t make any difference whether you add Corsair or Kingston. They should work together. However, it is probably best to stick to Kingston. You won’t get any faster performance by fitting Corsair because whatever you fit will only run at the same speed as your existing memory anyway.

OEM/Retail generaly effects packaging, yes. OEM my be just the stick static-bagged. Often times there’s a significant differance in warrantee too though, so be aware of this and read carefully. Also, I’d NOT mix brands on such expensive memory without darned good reason for doing so. Lastly, to POSITIVELY ensure you’re purchaseing the proper memory, I’d contact Kingston DIRECTLY on their live online support at the following link if you are in the USA, as the only big pitfall with Newegg is that their pre-sales support if NON-EXISTANT!

As an aside, I truely like to support smaller companies that do a BETTER job than their big coperate giant competitors, so you may want to give a call. They (obviously) SPECIALIZE in MEMORY, and do a DAMNED FINE JOB OF IT TOO! I simply cannot say enough good about these guys. Pre-sales support is second to none, and the prices are among the lowest you’re going to find. Their Pricewatch rating is a whopping 100% positive, and their 6 month ratings at reseller ratings is a perfect 10.0.

They sell the same kingston stick at only a SLIGHTLY higher cost here: as well as Corsiar and other equivilant brands of memory too.
If you give them a pre-sales call at (626) 820-0318 10am - 7pm PST, they may work with the price a little for you. (They have for me in the past, however, your mileage may vary.) I DO know, however, if you give Newegg a pre-sales call, they simply refer you on the the manufacturer, adn offer NO pre-sales support of their own, EVER.

Sorry to be so long-winded on this topic, but like I said, I REALLY cannot say enoug good about these people. When I was putting together a new build, they were TOP NOTCH in their pre-and post sales support, and that says ALOT to me!


{edit} …would a guy that’s known here as JD ever steer you wrong? lol

Thank you very much for explaining that to me. I just wasn’t too sure if i should mix memory brands or not…but i think i might just go with Kingston.

And thanks for suggesting Memory-up. They sound like really good people and maybe i will give them a try.

Thanks again

we are planning to buy 1 gb ddr 266/333 memory for toshiba p-25 laptop
if i have to choose between samsung(195$) and kingston (222$)
what will be the better choice?
please someone

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