Notebook HP DV2610US, DVD-RAM

I recently aquired an HP notebook with a “Super-DVD Drive”.
The Vista control panel/device driver says it is a MASHITA DVD-RAM UJ-851S
The HP specification mention it does support DVD-RAM.
Vista claims it does support DVD-RAM “out of the box”.
:aBut… I have several perfectly well written DVD-RAM (UDF format), FUJI brand,
2-3X … and Vista cannot read them: it see them as blank DVD-RW.

What is missing in this picture?
Should I get some UDF/DVD-RAM driver for Vista Home Premium?
Please post an answer if you have one!
Andre G.

Are those perfectly well written DVD-RAMS viewable in two other systems as well?

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Download and run Nero InfoTool, and select your Matshita - there should be boxes checked for all the features the drive supports.

Please post a screenshot if you can of the Nero InfoTool window with the checkboxes.

:)thanks for this useful post.
Nero does indicates the drive as a DVD-RAM, but the drive just does not see the DVD-RAM media (prefectly good).
I suspect that this drive firmware need an update, since it can read perfectly well other media (like DVD+R).
Now it would be useful to know how to re-flash this Matshuhita drive.

Hmmm. Might be that it doesn’t like the discs, they can be incredibly picky. DrageMester could tell you more about that since he has one in his laptop.

Also, good luck finding a firmware update for your Matshita :frowning:

I found this thread over at the Firmware Page, but it isn’t encouraging:

Bad drive choice, nearly no support yet.

BTW, please ask HP!