Notebook firmware advanced features hack

Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1955-S805 and was wondering if there is a way to get into the advanced BIOS features. The notebook could be better tweaked but the manufacturer only has basic stuff in the BIOS to change.

Tweak what?

what he means is how to unlock the advanced features in the bios of the laptop (like fsb, multipier … etc) not just the basic ones like you see on low=end systems.

I would like to know for my PheonixCMe First Notebook BIOS

On my old toshiba satelite notebook, you couldn’t get into the bios at all unless you had the “campanion diskette” that came with it. Maybe there’s a cd-rom you need?

A word of advice, you do not want to overklock a laptop and most Intel CPUs have already a locked mutlipier to start with. You also have SoftFSB for instance which does the same thing.

i wanna overclock my laptop, i’m on a Sempron-Mobile … tried cyrstalcpuid and multiplier management, not workin on my chipset :frowning: It is a Low Power Model and heard it can do wonders in overclock and still have low heat. The heatsink on my model was designned for a 68W standard, so yeh.

What chipset do you have?
AMD CPUs are locked to 12.5x and above in general.

VIA K8N800 + VT8235 to be specific :slight_smile: And it’s 200FSB Mult-8 to get 1.6Ghz core for my 2600+ semp.