Notebook DVDRW - Question?

Hello everybody :slight_smile: i’m back… and it feeeeeels good!
Like everytime, i wanna ask you for some help and attention…

I’m going to buy a Compaq Presario V6030US notebook, ant don’t know what dvdrw drive is in that machine… Does anyone have any ideas? It says it is a Lightscribe + SuperMulti drive… May it be a HP or LG? If HP, what exactly, BenQ? any ideas would be appreciated, cause i’m from lithuania, and have no chance to ask, what the drive is in it, because my cousin buys it for me and is going to ship next week to lithuania from USA (he’s not good at computers so…) :slight_smile:

Awaiting for info, and sorry for bad english… :o

My best guess is a TSST TS-L632L burner.

DVD±R 8X write, 8X read
DVD±R DL 4x write, 6x read
DVD+RW 6x write, 8x read
DVD-RW 6x write, 6x read
DVD-RAM 5x write, 5x read
CD-R 24x write, 24x read
CD-RW 24x write, 16x read
DVD-ROM 8x read
CD-ROM 24x read