Notebook DVD/CDRW Drive


I want to build a notebook, and I am picking out parts. I have got everything picked out EXCEPT for an optical drive. I need some suggestions about what to buy. I would like a DVD/CDRW combo drive. I am not partial to any brands. I would prefer to stay away from AOpen because I have had a bad experience with one of their DVD ROM drives. Other than that, I am open to any suggestions anybody is willing to give me.


Had a Teac DW-224E CDRW/DVD. Worked pretty well. Took about five minutes to burn full cd. For about $40 more u could get this:

NEC 6500A would make a great addition to any laptop. :smiley:

Have 5500. Very nice drive. Can you buy a 6500?

I would prefer a DVD-writer in my laptop. Soon a simple CD won’t be enough to copy bigger software, etc. Anyway, it is not enough now, just look at Microsoft’s Autoroute 2004.