Notebook dilemma: internal or external burner?

Hi all,

I’d like to add a DVD burner to a notebook. Is it better to have one of those internal slims or one external connected to the USB port? What are the best choices of brand and model?

“Best” means “the one that makes the most reliable copies”. Speed is not important, and neither is compatibility with home DVD players. The burner will make exclusively backup copies (only data, not movies) to prevent data loss if the notebook is broken or stolen.

Thanks for any advice

Internal. I’ve got a USB DVD burner now and I’m switching you internal. USB drives are so useless in my opinion… I can’t even get the dang thing to work in EAC (to rip music). It burned many a good DVDs in its time, but now its gotta go!

I’d like to recommend internal drives.

Just some brands. (Not listed according to any order.)

  1. LG
  2. Samsung
  3. Toshiba
  4. Pioneer
  5. Panasonic / Matsushita
  6. Lite-On

Some more. They all have 8x DVD writers for notebook computers. Not completely sure about Pioneer, but Pioneer also has many notebook drive models for DVD burning. Some LG and Panasonic drives include DVD-RAM capabilities. Lite-On notebook drives are often very well discussed on CDFreaks.

Kenshin, what about the NEC ND-6500A? My problem is I’ve gotta get a slimdrive for a Dell M60 (essentially a D800). I don’t believe the standard slimline drives you can buy from NewEgg will work without taking apart an old D-bay drive and retrofitting the the drive from NewEgg. The only drives ‘Dell offers’ is the Sony DW-R56A (which I guess is some LiteOn drive rebranded) and the NEC ND-6500A. The Sony requires that you flash the firmware in order to burn DVD-Rs whereas the NEC has no such limitation and burns them right out of the box.

At this point, according to your firmware site there is hacked firmware for the Sony (LiteOn) drive but there is none for the NEC. So for Dell Latitude D-series users, what drive should we buy? Which one offers the best features? Will there ever be hacked firmware for the NEC ND-6500A?

I’m eagerly awaiting your response Kershin! :slight_smile:

ND-6500A is also a valid option. But there are not many posts that report the performances of the various notebook DVD burners. Very few people have more than one notebook DVD burners in one system so it’d be very difficult to compare the performances directly. I have multiple 16x DVD burners (HH form factor, that is) on this PC so it’s easy to compare their speeds and burn quality.

For specific drive performances, rather than comparisons of different drives, visit each forum dedicated to each manufacturer. NEC forum has some talks about ND-6500A. Lite-On forum about Lite-On notebook drives, and so on.

Thank you both for the comments. What disturbs you most -besides price- about USB burners?

I read some positive things about an external Philips on this URL:

I have nothing against internal drives, except that they don’t have the reload mechanism (with Windows Explorer you can eject the disk but loading is impossible).

For external enclosures for HH DVD burners, there’s the sticky enclosure thread. :slight_smile: