Notches in drive tray


I have a DVD duplicator that has two Plextor PX-716A drives. One of the features of this drive is that it has a notch on each side of the drive tray and a central toothed drive in the centre of the underside of the tray.

The notches are rectangular and about 10-15mm into each side. These notches allow a lift arm at each side to lift out the CD/DVD once it is burned and drop it onto a conveyor for printing.

As they dont make the PX-716A any more, does anyone know of another drive with these notches?



Where is the ZOOOM?

The notches were added by Microboards before they installed the drive in the duplicator. Unless you get the replacement drives from microboards, you’ll need to cut your own notches

You’ll want to compare the look of the underside of the tray of your current drive with the replacement: some have the “teeth” located farther out to the side, which would mean you can’t cut the notches without breaking the tray movement.