Not your usual PIO/DMA problem?

I have had some weird DMA issues with a new junk ECS motherboard and I wanted to see what you guys thought.

I had some PIO issues with a current install of Win 2000 so I changed the drives, the cables, and reinstalled the OS. I still get the very first IDE chanel showing up as “DMA if Available” but the current status says PIO. All the fixes still show the same thing, but only on this chanel. The interesting thing shows up when I run a burst test with CDSpeed. Every drive shows rates of 24MB/sec or better. I have tried three different drives on this chanel and they all revert to PIO in the system icon but high burst rates.

My question is this: do you think I am really at PIO or is the burst rate telling me the OS and MB are lfull of crap?

Connect a HDD to verify the speed. If the channel is in PIO, then the CPU load should be very high when the burner is writing data.

Update the BIOS and verify that the drive is set to AUTO. Save and exit. You may also want to clear CMOS.

Thanks, I found that the problem was an SATA drive stuck in PIO. Nothing seems to fix it. Now I have to hope ECS will eventually answer their support request. They are one of the lamest companies around, but it is my own fault for going cheap on the MB for this computer.

I’m currently running an ECS mobo, and IIRC there is a legacy option for sata in the bios, I guess it makes it easier to install an OS on a sata drive by making sata look like ata133…perhaps this setting is causing the problem with PIO?

My BIOS doesn’t seem to have any such option and at 4.5MB/sec I am not even getting UMD/33. Nothing in my BIOS seems to be wrong and after two days, I am still waiting for their Support. Thanks for trying.

Hey chas.

Not sure if it has a connection to your problem but I recall there being various jumper settings on SATA drives to lock off / change the reported capabilities to the motherboard. Is the SATA drive in question a SATA II or SATA I/1.5 device. If SATA II and the mobo is only SATA I capable it’s possible you may get a default to PIO speeds.

Edit: Which motherboard do you have (spacific model number and sub catagory eg. “Diamond”, “Platinum” etc).

Thanks, I thought of that as well, but the drive is an older version and uses no jumpers for that. Also, when in another computer, it is fine. I think I can totally blame the ECS motherboard. Third day and still waiting for any response from their non-existant support.

After doing some more testing, the problem seems to some sort of conflict with the VIA Southbridge and Win 2000 chipset support for SATA drives. I have tried every possible sort of install with VIA chipset drivers and no matter what, the SATA drive is still stuck at 4.5 MB/sec. To make matters even more frustrating, I installed Win XP to see if it would work and everything is perfect. Given I already have this Win XP on another machine, I will be stuck with this ECS machine using IDE for the duation until I spring for Vista next year.

Thanks for all the help, guys.

Try W2K SP1. I’ve encountered a lot of issues with other SPs.