Not your standard ejecting problem with liteon 24x

I have just got a Lite-on 24x burner and it burns like charm but if I copy a file bigger than 2mb from any cd then eject the cd once I have closed the window and it has finished copying it will instantly close the drive.

But if I press the eject button again it will eject properly. This will happen only when I first put a CD in the drive. If I switch CD and back it will happen again. This only happend in Windows XP but is fine in ME.

Also in device manager (XP) it says all my HDDs and CD-ROM/RW drive are SCSI and they are all IDE. I have tried updating my IDE drivers (the VIA 4 in 1 pack) and tried using a different version of XP but they all say I have SCSI. ME does not have this problem.

also the latest firmware came with the drive and I have latest Win-XP updates

also I am not using ME as my primary OS ever. so switching is not an option

XP has many problems with CD-Writers/burning software.

I’ve seen everything from program crashes to reboots when trying to write.

The problem seems worse when upgrading and not doing a clean install. I guess it’s the via ide drivers that makes your devices look like scsi.

You have any CD-RW package writing software installed? such as directcd/inCD? If so, I guess this is your problem. Or maybe you are using software that is not certified for windows XP?

All this is the reason why I still stick to w2k :smiley:

Sorry, but I can’t really help…:frowning:

I uninstalled the via IDE drivers and now the drive works fine